Wine & Business Club Cannes



The Wine & Business Club was founded in Paris in 1991 by Alain Marty. The Cannes Club will be launched in Spring 2019 and will meet at the two Michelin Guide stars restaurant L’Oasis.

The evening events are organized around three highlights: cocktail party, speech of a guest of honor (business leader, economist, media personality, author …), followed by a dinner and a wine tasting prepared by Alain Montigny, Chief executive and Deputy Chef Nicolas Davouze, in the presence of a winemaker.

Our next events

Thursday, June 27th

7.30 pm: Cocktail

8.00 pm: Intervention

with the presence of one new guest of honour.

8.30 pm: Wine-tasting dinner

Dinner is signed by Alain Montigny and Nicolas Davouze, chefs of the restaurant L’Oasis. In the programme of the dinner is the tasting of great wines.

11.15 pm: Closing of the evening


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