Wine & Business Club Luxembourg

Club House 17


The Wine & Business Club was founded in Paris in 1991 by Alain Marty. The Luxembourg Club, launched in 2013, meets eight to ten times a year in the salons of the Club House 17.

In the presence of the members of the Bureau:

Luc Weitzel, President of the Wine & Business Club – Luxembourg

Audrey Bossuyt-Mahy, Belén Irazola Uribe, Nicolas Graas, Patrick Ittah et Michael M. Vareika, vice-presidents of the Wine & Business Club – Luxembourg

Thomas Duerr, Director General of the Club House 17

The evening events are organized around three highlights: cocktail party, speech of a guest of honor (business leader, economist, media personality, author …), followed by a dinner and a wine tasting prepared by Alexis Julien, Chef cook of the Club House 17, in the presence of a winemaker.

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Les membres du bureau du Wine & Business Club Luxembourg :

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